Thursday, 6 April 2017

Meat ban, anti-Romeo squads not targeted at a community: CM Yogi

Those who abide by the law have no reason to worry: Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath.

 | Lucknow |  Apr 7, 2017

 Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath has dismissed criticism that the decisions to crack down on illegal slaughterhouses and set up anti-Romeo squads were targeted at a community, but asserted that he would not flinch from enforcing the law.

"Those who abide by the law have no reason to worry. But those who don't believe in the rule of law ought to be worried," the CM said in a conversation with TOI at his official residence.

He also said anti-Romeo squads were meant to save girl students from harassment which forced them to discontinue studies. The chief minister said he has taken measures to ensure that consenting adults are not harassed. "People are committing no crime if they are sitting in a park or are moving together," he said. But he justified the concept of the squads. "Let us not take our eyes off the harassment that girls of all communities have to endure," he added.

The CM also outlined his plans for education and said English would be taught at the nursery stage itself instead of from Class VI, as was the case so far. When told that this was, given his image as a Hindutva hardliner, counter-intuitive, the CM smiled and said, "I believe tradition and modernity should blend."

A confident Yogi said his government would never take decisions based on considerations of community, but stressed his determination to ensure that promises made in BJP's UP manifesto are implemented.

"I told this to a delegation which had come to protest against the measures taken against illegal slaughterhouses. They agreed with me that we have not framed any regulation and that what has been done was only meant to ensure the enforcement of what was already the law, guidelines issued by the National Green Tribunal and the Supreme Court's order. I asked them to point out a single thing that we have introduced and they could not," the CM said.

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Courtesy: TOI.

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